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Advanced Imaging for Persistent Pain Cases - Digital Motion X-rays

Riverstone Chiropractic and Digital Motion X-ray lab located in South Minneapolis. We specialize in providing advanced digital motion x-ray videos to accurately identify the root causes of neck, back, and extremity pain for patients.


In particular, our digital motion x-ray system takes dynamic videos that can capture abnormalities not visible on static x-rays and MRIs.  This allows us to pinpoint the exact vertebral segments, joint articulations and ligament issues contributing to a patient’s pain and dysfunction. 


Once we analyze a digital motion x-ray, we provide referring physicians an imaging report detailing the patient’s unique joint issues. Our focus is on providing actionable information to help referring doctors deliver more targeted, effective care.  For your reference, see the GIF file below and a sample DMX analysis.

We understand many clinics treats many patients struggling with persistent spine and extremity pain issues that have been difficult to resolve. In such complex cases, our advanced digital imaging and analysis services can be tremendously helpful by identifying the underlying mechanical dysfunction.

Best regards,


Dr. Kyle Schneider DC

Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness

3764 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55406

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