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Riverstone Chiropractic's Digital Motion X-rays identify missed injuries for increase insurance settlements!

The Digital Motion X-ray you are about to see is an extreme case of C1-C2 instability in a 15-year-old athletic boy, who was involved in a rear impact motor vehicle crash two years ago with his mother. Both are still suffering with headaches, posterior neck pain and balance issues. Their Doctor and Attorney were both under the impression that static x-rays and static MRIs were the way to diagnose spinal instability. Absolutely, not true.

The gold standard for diagnosing spinal instability, post whiplash trauma, is with Digital Motion X-ray (DMX). (Diagnostic Accuracy of Videofluorscopy for Symptomatic Cervical Spine Injury Following Whiplash Trauma).

The patient's original Attorney wanted them to settle their cases for a mere $25,000.00. Luckily, they completed a Digital Motion X-ray. Their new Attorney believes with this new objective evidence of severe spinal instability, they will be able to achieve a settlement for the full policy limits for the both of them, totaling $600,000.00.

Below you will see this extreme case of C1-C2 instability...


In the Open Mouth Lateral Bending view, the Digital Motion X-ray reveals severe spinal instability of C1 lateral mass sliding off the edge of C2 and the increase/decrease in the para-odontoid spaces. This demonstrates that there was severe tearing of the right and left Alar and Accessory ligaments.

Riverstone has consistently seen a DMX can identify injuries often missed by a static x-ray and MRI.  Riverstone Chiropractic is located in South Minneapolis near the Minnehaha Falls with convenient parking and night and weekend hours to accommodate clients.  If you have any questions or would like to see an example of a full DMX analysis report, just drop me a note.  




Dr. Kyle T. Schneider, DC

Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness Center


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